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2014-2016 Program Brochure

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Congratulations Class of 2013-2015 participants:

Centennial High School Johns Creek High School
Katherine Gerasimenko (Freshman) Dew Fox (Freshman)
Adrian Hoefer (Freshman) Ashlyn Payne (Freshman)
Justin Htay (Freshman) Preeti Iyer (Freshman)
Neil Jacob (Freshman) Sneha Iyer (Freshman)
Colton Mack (Freshman) Peter Jeong (Sophomore)
Jenna LaCates (Sophomore) Insyia Essani (Sophomore)
  Risha Parikh (Sophomore)

Tromer Alyssa (Sophomore)
Chattahoochee High School Northview High School
Siri Choragudi (Freshman) Ankita Shroff (Freshman)
Nabeel Khan (Freshman) William Curtis (Freshman)
Julia Lan (Sophomore) Meghna Dash (Freshman)
Varman Nikita (Sophomore) Ritika Kumar (Freshman)
Khushboo Sarda (Sophomore) Tony Gong (Sophomore)
Pranav Prabu (Sophomore) Hailey Mody (Sophomore)
Anikta Varma (Sophomore) Sumit Sohani (Sophomore)
Sujay PeramanuJunior)
Di Xia (Sophomore)


Centennial High School Johns Creek High School
Katherine Gerasimenko Freshman Dew Fox Freshman
Adrian Hoefer Freshman Ashlyn Payne Freshman
Justin Htay Freshman Preeti Iyer Freshman
Neil Jacob Freshman Sneha Iyer Freshman
Colton Mack Freshman Peter Jeong Sophomore
Jenna LaCates Sophomore Insyia Essani Sophomore

Risha Parikh Sophomore

Tromer Alyssa Sophomore

Chattahoochee High School Northview High School

Siri Choragudi Freshman Ankita Shroff Freshman
Nabeel Khan Freshman William Curtis Freshman
Julia Lan Sophomore Meghna Dash Freshman
Varman Nikita Sophomore Ritika Kumar Freshman
Khushboo Sarda Sophomore Tony Gong Sophomore
Pranav Prabu Sophomore Hailey Mody Sophomore
Anikta Varma Sophomore Sumit Sohani Sophomore
Sujay Peramanu Junior Di Xia Sophomore

Student Leadership Johns Creek is a program for emerging leaders in their sophomore and junior years. Students apply in January of their Freshman or Sophomore years for the two year program. Applicants are accepted from Centennial, Chattahoochee, Johns Creek and Northview High schools. The program is run by an advisory council under the board directorship of Leadership Johns Creek, a 501c3 non‐profit in collaboration with Fulton County Schools.

In year one of this two year leadership program, leadership skills will be developed through a series of structured learning experiences and then utilized in the completion of community service projects. In the second year, students will focus on implementing the skills learned during year one. The goal is for the students to become catalysts for change in their schools and communities.

A class of approximately 30 young adults will be selected from area Johns Creek high schools and will be introduced to a core curriculum of leadership skills including goal setting, project management, team building, and communication skills. In addition, opportunities will be provided to explore local, county and state governments.

What Participants and Parents Should Expect

• Interactive and experiential learning including skills practice and team work
• Safe environments in which to learn about and discuss important issues
• Increased confidence and self esteem
• Improved critical thinking and problem‐solving abilities
• Opportunities for real‐life applications of learned skills

Who Should Apply?

Students who are currently freshmen or sophomores and who have demonstrated either solid or emerging leadership qualities in school, places of worship or in community service activities should apply. Students will submit an application, and a selection committee will approve candidates, in February 2014 for the 2 year program year beginning August 2014.

Students accepted into Student Leadership Johns Creek are required to attend all program days. In addition, all participants are required to participate in a group service project. This project will require time to meet with team members outside of school hours. Careful consideration should be given to determine if the student can meet the time commitment.

2014‐2015 SLJC Program Calendar

Aug.9, 2014 - Full Day Retreat
Sept. 10, 2014 - Project Management Day (Class of 2016 ONLY)
Oct. 14, 2014 - Government Day (Class of 2016 ONLY)
Nov. 13, 2014 - Compassion/Appreciation/Sacrifice in Leadership (BOTH classes)
Jan. 19, 2015 - Effective Communication (BOTH classes)
Feb. 12, 2015 - Honesty/Integrity in Leadership (Class of 2016 ONLY)
March 13, 2015 - City Day (Class of 2016 ONLY)
April 2, 2015 - End of Year Celebration (BOTH classes)