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To develop, energize, and activate community leaders in Johns Creek by providing insight into and interaction with city, business, healthcare, public safety, and government executives to affect positive change.




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Marilyn Margolis, CEO
Class of 2015

Leadership Johns Creek (LJC) is a program that’s close to my heart. I joined the group when I was relatively new to the area. The program provided me with a forum to learn about the city, as well as meet people that make up the fabric of this wonderful community.

VP Human Resources Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Alex Almanza
Class of 2020

LJC was a rewarding experience that exposed me to local, state, private and public industries in a very different and personal angle. Being able to quickly set up a group, research various project ideas and execute a project in less than a year [during a pandemic] takes a great amount of commitment and team work. Leaving our stamp in the city forever, with the #SeeTheCreek art mural, has been a major highlight for 2020 along with lifelong friendships I was able to gain!

Dr. Zach Grunewald
Class of 2023

The Leadership Johns Creek program is a great professional development opportunity for those in the local Johns Creek community looking to learn more about the City's growth, history, businesses, schools, and culture. The program is a very well-rounded program and is a great opportunity for any business leaders new to the area learn more about what makes Johns Creek and the surrounding communities so special.

Monica Murray
Class of 2015

Leadership Johns Creek has enabled me to connect, work with and build relationships with other leaders, from different backgrounds, in solving difficult and complex problems thus making significant changes in the lives of people in our community. Additionally, it has provided me with networking opportunities; given me access to resources; skill enhancements and a sense of contribution and helpfulness in solving community problems. Lastly, it has allowed me to work as a team member on projects to help repair, rebuild and renew our community to ensure that it remains healthy, strong and well maintained.

Kathryn Albright
Class of 2014

I am very grateful to have been a part of Leadership Johns Creek’s Class of 2014. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to participate through my job at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. I met great people, learned a lot about Johns Creek, and with my team completed a great project. LJC brought me back to being involved with my community, which is something I hadn’t been able to do for many years due my work schedule which kept me far from home. I am still involved with LJC now, having served on the Board for the past few years. This program is a very valuable and an incredible resource in our community.

Amy Sheridan, Fulton County Schools
Class of 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to participate in the program where I learned so much about the community that I live and work within. The feeling of pride was palpable from each and every one of the presenters as they shared how their component of John’s Creek works to provide a safe and successful community. I can’t wait to witness the fruition of the wonderful additions we learned about. They will help to ensure that John’s Creek is the place to be.

Ron Jones
LJC/SLJC Founder

I have been associated with Leadership Johns Creek for almost 12 years. The community of Johns Creek is very large in population but there are so many people with servant vision and desire. LJC becomes the door that opened for me to join the community. Public servants have become friends and know my name when we see one another at different venues. There are over 230 adults and their spouses and friends that I have been blessed to meet and do public and nonpublic service projects with. I encourage everyone to explore this local organization and meet some of the greatest people in Georgia here in our backyard.

Paula Henao
Class of 2023

Leadership Johns Creek is an incredible program that provides you with the opportunity to learn about our city’s great history, fantastic organizations and the businesses and people that make it one of the best places to live in the US. The facilitators, trainers and speakers are extraordinary. They provide you with valuable insights and amazing network opportunities. It is a transformative experience I highly recommend to aspiring leaders.

Lynette Baker
Class of 2020

The program brought me a greater appreciation of new areas and ideas where I could learn, dedicate time, and meet new people. Although it was cut short by COVID, the experience and new network will be something I take with me for the future.

Shafiq Jadavji
Class of 2016

If you want to be a change agent in your community, Leadership Johns Creek is a must program for you. You will not only learn about how Johns Creek functions, but will also have an opportunity to interact with some of the most passionate civic leaders who are aspiring to make a positive impact in the best city in Georgia.

Neil Pollack
Class of 2020

The Leadership Johns Creek experience, which includes a strong service component, encourages collaboration between various public and private industries to create a strong, healthy, and successful City of Johns Creek.

Sandeep Davalbhakta
Class of 2019

I participated in the Leadership Johns Creek’s Class of 2019. At that time, I was new to the Johns Creek community and fortunate to be given this opportunity by my company. LJC got me more aware of community initiatives, issues and resources available to help. It also helped me make new friends and broaden my social network which is something I was looking forward to do. I am still involved with LJC now, having served on the Board since 2019. This program is a very valuable and an incredible resource in our community. I definitely encourage folks to join this program so you can get the benefit you are looking for where you are in your life journey.

Angela Harvey
Class of 2014

I was not who you would picture as a typical candidate for LJC. I had retired from teaching to become my husband’s caregiver, and then he passed away. I didn’t know anybody in Johns Creek except a few people at my church. I was in a new phase of my life and felt the need to be more connected. Fortunately, I heard about LJC and was asked to join. It was the perfect thing for me. My team was awesome, and we had so much fun with our project, the tunnel mural at Newtown Park. I learned so much that year, but the best thing of all was the friendships that came out of my LJC experience. After graduation I got involved with the Alumni and the Board, and became a part of an even larger circle of friends. Now, I can hardly go anywhere in our community without running into folks I know. Leadership Johns Creek led the way, and I am so thankful.

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