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Great article about one of our former students who continues to give back to SLJC students.


Student Leadership Johns Creek (SLJC) kicked off their 2022-23 program in-person after two years of virtual escape rooms in Eastern Europe. This year the students worked together to escape four different escape rooms at Odyssey Escape Games in Alpharetta. Our 106 students representing Innovation Academy, Johns Creek; Centennial, Chattahoochee, and Northview High Schools didn’t miss a beat and escaped the games in record time while learning about their group mates for the upcoming year. 

"The retreat was an effective team bonding experience that was not only fun but also very valuable. In the 60 minutes that we had, we were all able to work cohesively as a team and find each other’s strengths that can be used in the future for our community projects.” said Lakshana Ramanan a first-year student from Innovation Academy and a member of the Secretary of State Ambassador team.  Poorvi Iyer a second-year student from Northview High School added, “The escape room retreat allowed for a true bonding experience with friends and teammates who we will further collaborate with this year at SLJC events. By slowly figuring out how to break from the room, we really got a taste of how the communication skills taught last year would be utilized in real life.” This date had been planned at Odyssey Escape Rooms pre-Covid, but took a full two-years before we could actually attend in person.

The retreat officially kicked off the 10th year of Student Leadership Johns Creek and the program will continue with monthly in-person program days. The first-year students will work on community projects including a grant project delving into the recent pandemic. The second-year students will work on creating an on-line portfolio including a Linked-In profile and resume. In addition, the students will be shadowing a business professional in a field of study they are interested in pursuing. Our Student Leadership Johns Creek Ambassadors will also be facilitating two candidate debates for State and House seats on September 28th at Northview High School and between the two candidates for Fulton County Commission District 1 and Senate Seat 14 on October 6th at Johns Creek High School.

The two-year SLJC program is managed by an advisory committee under the direction of Leadership Johns Creek, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, in collaboration with Fulton County Schools.  Leadership Johns Creek will be offering a three-day Leadership Leap program in spring, 2023 exploring the history of Johns Creek, the community as a whole including the arts, government, education and health and human services. In addition, there will be leadership training and networking opportunities as part of this newest leadership program facilitated by Leadership Johns Creek. If you are interested in more information or registration information please reach out to our Executive Director, Irene Sanders 404-406-0480 or via email  Applications for the Student Leadership Johns Creek 2023-24 class will be available December 1, 2022 for rising sophomores or juniors attending our five feeder schools.

For more information, please contact: Irene Sanders Executive Director at, 404-406-0480 or visit our website at

Students Participating in Student Leadership Johns Creek for 2022-23 are:

Johns Creek High School

Brady Carnesale
Peter Gotschalk
Lena Grullon
Theo Hediger
Sanaa Khan
Sam Konkel
Neha Maan
Meghana Malempati
Connor McIlhinney
Jeremy McWhirter
Sofia Mendez
Ansh Shah
Ava Sun
Brian Woo
Olivia Bernard
Maggie Dowd
Reagan Forkey
Yoseop Han
Heather Hutmacher
Grace McGehee
McKeith McIlhinney
Brooke Michael
Tiffany Obasohan
Ishita Sukul
Sydney Swift
Sanay Vastani
Stanley Yin

Chattahoochee High School

Faith Elam
Cindy Fu
Akshay Gupta
Sophia Ho
Bailey Lina
Nikhil Majmudar
Claire Morris
Vinod Ruppa-Kasani
Niha Saini
Yukta Sharma
Aria Smith
Neha Srinivasa
Nicholas Stone
Emily Zhao
Adina Dominick
Ravnoor Gujral
Lauren Kim
Uma Mukhopadhyay
Om Patel
Oviya Ponraj
Ariana Signaporia
Shreya Srinivasan
Devon Yau

Centennial High School
Christian Cortes
Riya Desetty
Dorothy Finley
Reagan Higgins
Lindsay Merrill
Lucy Sillitto
Himani Veeramachaneni
Wesley Warren
James Acker
Nicole Dunn
Julia Herriot
Riley King
Charlotte Perry
Nelson Pinnock
Amy Puri
Will Saunders
Sri Veeramachaneni

Northview High School
Reilly Baker
Shruthi Balachander
Simran Balakrishnan
Nishanth Giridharan
Poorvi Iyer
Lakshan Kumar
Luke Marshall
Megha Nair
Angela Nguyen
Varsha Nirmal
Advay Pampattiwar
Archana Pateria
Bhavin Shah
Rishi Subramanian
Kate Wilson
Katie Bernard
Hasini Bollampalli
Neha Gurram
Riya Havanur
Irene Huang
Rohan Mistry
Yaitihya Sahoo
Isabel Sang
Raaga Sarraff
Girish Senthilkumar
Mahi Shah
Rohan Srivatsa
Devesh Venkateswaran

Innovation Academy

Alisha Kohli
Tiya Ranchod
Sana Fatima
Rebecca Gottlieb
Nynei Janarthanan
Chloe Lee
Aabha Muley
Tanmaya Muvva
Lakshana Ramanan
Aditi Satghare
Ananya Tadepalli